'Spiritual Alchemy'

"If a tree is capable of transforming the raw mineral nutrients it draws from the soil into the sugarsap which enables it to produce flowers and fruits, why should man not do likewise ? Why should we not be capable of transforming the raw juices of our instincts and passions so that they produce a rich harvest of flowers and fruit, in the form of vitality in our physical bodies, love and joy in our hearts and understanding and wisdom in our minds?'

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov extract from Spiritual Alchemy Vol 2

'It is a mistake to think that spirit and matter are in opposition, for matter is a condensation of spirit. And on this matter which came fr
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Once you know the rules of spiritual alchemy you will be able to transform and use the negative forces that exist in such abundance.
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True Alchemy does not consist in the spectacular transmutation of base metals into gold, but in the spiritual transmutation of man.
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The Gospels can be understood and interpreted in the light of alchemical science.
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