Daily Meditation: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Love - we have for someone is not enough to save them

Love makes us audacious. It inspires men and women to believe they can do anything for those they love, that they can heal them, or save them. Unfortunately, it takes more than love to save someone. There are those who are possessed by a self-destructive instinct, and your love is not enough to rescue them from alcohol, drugs, or suicide. It takes knowledge and methods. Otherwise, not only will you fail to save them, but they will destroy you morally, psychically, and sometimes even physically. It is not so easy to save someone. You must be very strong in order to hold your own and persevere until victory is certain. So do not overestimate your abilities; analyze yourself, take stock of your strengths, and if you feel that you do not have what it takes, then address the light beings of the invisible world, implore them on behalf of this unfortunate person you love. But you must protect yourself; do not make useless sacrifices that will destroy you as well.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov