Daily Meditation: Sunday, January 19, 2020

Humans argue, demand, contest, but they do not know just …

Humans argue, demand, contest, but they do not know just where their rejection of the rules will lead them, because they have never studied the far-reaching consequences of a thought, a word or an action. If they were more discerning, they would understand that at the exact moment they reject these rules, they become weaker, for they unleash diabolical spirits within themselves. It is a law: the less we control our thoughts, desires and whims, the more enslaved we become. You may say that you need to satisfy every urge that pops into your head. Fine, but know that this path leads directly to slavery. You will be a slave to yourself, or rather to the very primitive inner forces that will strike you down and take complete control of you. You cannot be the king of your own realm until you can control yourself, for weakness, sickness or madness are there waiting for you. When the wise advise us to master our impulses, it is not for the pleasure of badgering us, but because they know that a lack of control opens the way to illness, imbalance and death.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov