Prosveta is an international publisher and distributor whose aim is to spread the teaching of the spiritual Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.
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His works consists of well over 5,500 lectures and informal talks.

During the early years of his teaching the lectures he gave were taken down in shorthand. As the years went by the talks he gave during this period were recorded live on audio tape and cassettes. Then, in the latter years of his life, the lectures he gave were recorded on film.

From his many talks, there are now more than fifty books published that have been translated from French into English.
The books are mainly divided into two collections. The first is 'The Complete Works 'series, with 19 titles published so far. The contents of these large white paperback books are largely from the earlier talks that he gave.

The other series of books comes in a rainbow coloured pocket book format, and is called the 'Izvor Collection'. This offers 42 titles to date and is more subject based.
The 'Izvor' books are subject based. They are mostly talks that he gave later in his life but they include work from his earlier lectures too, depending on the subject matter.

Some of the lectures that he gave on video cassettes are now available to buy in the form of DVD's. They are given in French with English subtitles as well as other languages.

There are also a few lectures that he gave in English which are now available to buy on CD's. See the Sunbeam collection.

Almost six million copies of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov's books have been sold world-wide, since 1972, in many languages such as:
French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Romanian, Bulgarian, Norwegian,etc... see our catalog
The gift and uniqueness of his books are the methods given to integrate spiritual truths into everyday life.
Prosveta in the UK is the trading arm of a registered charity based in East Sussex. We mainly distribute books throughout the UK and Ireland, through our mail order, retail outlets, libraries and at various exhibitions throughout the year.

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