Sacred fire of the Sun

"The sun is living fire, and it is by going to see the sun rise every morning that we renew our contact with this fire from heaven. If you, with all you heart and the powers of your intelligence forge a close bond with the sun, you allow the sun to set you on fire and flames will begin to rise and enfold you. The Holy Spirit is none other than the sacred fire of the sun."

Quote from the book 'The Splendour of Tiphereth"

The Mysteries of Fire and Water
What is more beautiful, more poetic or more full of meaning than water and fire, and the different forms in which they appear to us?
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The Splendour of Tiphareth - The Yoga of the Sun
When we focus our attention on the sun, the center of our universe, we draw closer to our own centre, our higher self, the sun within.
£11.95 Add
Toward a Solar Civilization
The sun exists within each one of us and, if allowed to, can manifest its presence in our consciousness.
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Light is a Living Spirit
Light is the Word uttered by the Creator and by means of this Light He created the world.
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Sunrise Meditations
There are spiritual foods just as there are material foods.

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