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Daily Meditations 2017

PQ2016AN   - £7.50 plus p&p

18 July: ‘True silence can be defined as the highest region of our soul. The moment we reach this region, we enter into cosmic light. Light is the quintessence of the universe. It passes through and permeates everything we see around us - people, nature, objects and even what we cannot see.
The silence we strive to create within us during concentration, meditation and prayer has only one goal: a fusion with this light, which is vibrant and powerful and which penetrates all of creation.’  Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Calendar 2017: 'Freedom or the call of the heights'

Size: 22.5 cm x 33 cm English/French
with 12 illustrations
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 ‘You will only be truly free when you manage to tear yourself away from all your inner limitations. Just as the chrysalis changes into a butterfly,
so you will spread your wings and delight in going from flower to flower in the sunlight.’

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‘Mind, Body, Spirit Festival’ Saturday 17 September 2016 
‘Mind Body Soul Experience’ 21 to 23 October 2016
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The Path of Silence

The Path of Silence
P0229AN - £7.50 plus p&p ISBN:9782855668581

‘How wrong we are to think that silence denotes emptiness, nothingness, the absence of all activity or creation. In reality, there is more than one kind of silence: the silence of death and the silence of a higher degree of life. It is this silence, that of the higher degree of life, that concerns us here and that we must try to understand. This is not the silence of inertia; on the contrary, it is the stillness that surrounds a work of great intensity taking place in a climate of perfect harmony. Nor is it emptiness or absence; on the contrary, it is fullness, a fullness comparable to that experienced by two human beings who love each other very deeply and share something that cannot be expressed in words or gestures. Silence is a quality of the inner life.’  Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Golden Rules of Everyday Life
P0227AN - £7.50 plus p&p ISBN:9782855668338

‘Get into the habit of seeing the whole of your daily life as a raw material, as matter that you have to transform. This material is all the things you have to do, the events that happen and the people you have to live with or who you meet at work. Don’t be passive. Don’t be content to accept whatever comes and submit to events. Always add an element to that raw material that will animate, vivify and spiritualize it. This is what the spiritual life really is: the ability to introduce into every activity a ‘yeast’ capable of taking it to a higher plane. You will ask, “What about meditation and prayer? Where do they come into it?” That is just the point: through meditation and prayer you pick up that subtler, purer element that will allow you to give a new dimension to all your actions.’ Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Golden Rules for Everyday Life
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