The emanations of spiritual beings are
extremely beneficial for all creatures

"How is it possible for anyone to fail to realise that pollution is not only a physical problem?

The emanations of spiritual beings are extremely beneficial for all creatures. Because such beings have overcome their weaknesses, their presence has a positive effect on all those around them.
If the psychic atmosphere of the earth has not yet become completely unbreathable, it is because of the selfless and loving men and women who have dedicated their lives to peace and light."

Quote from the book 'The Power of thought"

'Every one of our thoughts is pregnant with the power of the spirit which brought it into being, that power is constantly at work.
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‘Breathe in, breathe out… breathe in, breathe out… Breathing affects not only our physical life but all manifestations of our psychic life.
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What is more beautiful, more poetic or more full of meaning than water and fire, and the different forms in which they appear to us?
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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov renews in our times the sense and significance of the ancient Initiations enriched by his own discoveries
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Inhalation, exhalation... inhalation, exhalation... The ebb and flow of our breathing is the key to all the rhythms of the universe.
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