Daily meditations 1997

Daily meditations 1997


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As you wake up in the morning remember to check your inner mail to see what messages have been left there overnight. Because as we sleep the soul emerges from the body and leaves for the invisible world where she travels around, studies, and works. This allows her to see and to learn many things, and when she returns all this knowledge is imprinted on our brain. And when we wake up, we remember having had certain experiences, having been given certain warnings or advice showing us the way to live the new day. You may say: ‘But why does this never happen to me? I never remember anything.’ This is because your brain is not yet sufficiently organised to receive the imprints, the images, the memories the soul brings back from her travels in the invisible world. And you can prepare your brain by living a harmonious life. You will then gradually begin to know and understand what your soul has experienced as you sleep.

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