'As you sow, so shall you reap'

"Farmers were the first moral philosophers; they do not expect to reap if they have not sown, and they know very well that if they sow cabbages they will not harvest carrots. How can someone who sows nothing but hatred and strife hope to reap a harvest of love and peace? 
The laws that govern the psychic life are the same as those that have already been seen to govern aspects of nature. 
It was not society as a whole that invented morality: it is intrinsic to every aspect and dimension of nature." 

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov extract from Cosmic Moral Laws


True morality is everywhere manifest in Nature, the extension of the natural laws that govern our psychic life.
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Those who think they are entirely free must put up with their fate because of their ignorance of the laws which govern the invisible world.
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‘Belief in reincarnation is one of the cornerstones of morality. As long as human beings are unaware that the law of cause and effect is …
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In Initiatic Science, to read means to be able to decipher the subtle and hidden side of objects and creatures...
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