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The themes presented in these extracts are developped in the following books from the Izvor Collection:
P0202AN: Man, Master of his Destiny
P0205AN: Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon
P0206AN: A Philosophy of Universality
P0207AN: What is a Spiritual Master?
P0208AN: The Egregor of the Dove or the Reign of Peace
P0225AN: Harmony and Health
P0226AN: The Book of Divine Magic
P0234AN: Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love
P0235AN: 'In Spirit and in Truth'

- Why is Life so unjust? – the Law of Reincarnation
- Are There Limits to Freedom of Expression?
- How to Deal with Stress?
- Is Capital Punishment a Solution?
- Love, the Only Criterion of Sexual Morality
- Drug Addiction, a Disease of the Soul
- From the Nuclear Family to the Global Family
- The Snares of Occultism
- Fanaticism, a Negation of True Religion
- What is a Spiritual Master?
- The Pyramid, a Message of Unity
- Only the Spirit can Transform the World

  • Life with the Master Peter Deunov, Autobiographical Reflections 2
  • The New Year
  • Meditation
  • Respiration - Spiritual Dimensions and Practical Applications
  • Death and the Life Beyond
  • The High Ideal
  • Sunrise Meditations
  • Daily Meditations 2014
  • Spirituality in Every Day Life
  • Happiness

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