The Importance of Light (Sunbeam Collection)

The Importance of Light (Sunbeam Collection)


Brochure translated in English and read by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. 3 CDs - 60 pages - 138 x 138 mm.

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'Ordinary humans nourish themselves only with solid, liquid and gaseous elements. And what do they do with the fourth element, light? Not much, nothing. They don't know how to nourish themselves with light which is more important than air. Very few people think about nourishing themselves with light. In the past, everyone ridiculed us because we went to watch the sunrise in order to be nourished with the most important element, light.
‘Why must we nourish ourselves with light ? To feed the brain. The brain also wants to eat, and its food is light. We feed the stomach and the whole body with solid and liquid elements ; we feed the lungs with air, and we forget the poor brain. It is nourished only by the solid, liquid and gaseous particles… That is why humans remain ignorant of celestial things, why they don’t understand divine things, why they don’t see clearly : because they haven’t nourished their brains with light. By nourishing the brain with an element as subtle as light, the result is different.’

  • The Powers of Thought
  • Sunrise Meditations
  • The Divine Seed  (Sunbeam Collection)
  • Reincarnation (Sunbeam Collection)
  • The Role of the Mother during Gestation (Sunbeam Collection)
  • A New Earth - Methods, exercises, formulas, prayers
  • Concert in Bulgaria (1995)
  • Mystical chants
  • Songs of the Fraternité Blanche Universelle
  • The Laughter of a Sage

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