Cosmic Creation - Union of the Masculine and Feminine

Cosmic Creation - Union of the Masculine and Feminine


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‘There are two fundamental principles in the universe, and these are reflected in all of nature and all of life. All creation is the work of the two principles, the masculine and the feminine, which are a reflection, a repetition, of the two cosmic creative principles, known as the heavenly Father and the divine Mother. You will see the two principles everywhere in nature in different forms and dimensions. You will also see them in humans, not only in their physical body but in their psyche, where the spirit and the mind represent the masculine principle, and the heart and soul the feminine principle. In order to bear fruit, these two principles must of necessity work together; separately they are unproductive. That is why they are always searching for each other.’

1. Man and woman, reflections of the masculine and feminine principles
2. What is spiritual galvanoplasty?
3. Marriages
4. Loving without wanting to possess
5. Expressing love in a higher way
6. Only divine love preserves human love
7. The sexual act from the perspective of Initiatic Science
8. The solar nature of sexual energy
9. Conception
10. Gestation
11. The children of our heart and mind
12. Giving woman back her true place
13. The kingdom of God, child of the cosmic Woman

  • Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition
  • The Symbolic Language of Geometrical Figures
  • Man's Psychic Life : Elements and Structures
  • Creation: Artistic and Spiritual
  • The Powers of Thought
  • The Seeds of Happiness
  • Angels and other Mysteries of The Tree of Life
  • Sons and Daughters of God
  • The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy
  • ‘Walk While You Have the Light’

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